RUBBER CHICKENS ARE AWESOME!! Rubber chickens, in Diddorol, help the Gamemaster by doing various jobs in the Kingdom.

The "Rubber Chicken of Here and Now" is the chicken that is squeaked when an avatar turns in a piece of work to get graded.

The "Rubber Chicken of Double Spacing" reminds avatars who don't double space written adventures and quests by being squeaked by an alert avatar who notices the non-double spacing avatars situation.

Joy, the "Rubber Chicken of Peace and Love" is the chicken that reminds students to be kind and polite to their peers.

Finally, the worst of the worst is Oobmab. Oobmab is a mutation in the Vulcaninan science labs that was supposed to help avatars in some way, but just harasses them. Oobmab steals adventurers bamboo when he sees that they are off-task.