You use the six traits in your writing. It's very important to use these six traits in your most important writing, and also to use them when editing.

Six Traits: Organization, ideas, sentence fluency, conventions, word choice, and voice.
  • Voice: When you use voice in your writing, you "speak" using strong and powerful words to create a picture in the reader's mind.
  • Organization: When you organize your writing everything flows as one piece of writing. There are no choppy paragraphs or run-on sentences. The transitions make your paragraphs flow together.
  • Word Choice: When you use word choice you take the best most meaningful words and use them in your writing. The words are perfect so that they fit and say exactly what you mean.
  • Sentence Fluency: When sentence fluency is strong in your writing there is a mix of sentences. Not all of them are too long, or too short. They do not all sound the same. There is a mix and your writing flows.
  • Conventions: Making sure you have everything you need to present your work like additional notes and sources. Also making sure all of your grammer is correct to present without messing up. Conventions is basically stating the to-do's of the final product of your writing.